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Fire Exit Hardware for Hollow Steel Doors

Hollow Steel Doors are known for durability, security, and safety. The hardware used on any hollow door can be checked by
looking at the fire label, which is typically located right below your top hinge- it will tell you if that particular model has been
tested regarding its ability to withstand fires without destruction or collapse under pressure. The door has a label that says “Fire
Resistant” or whatever else they need to say for the code compliance. This means you can use regular hardware without
worrying whether these tools will hold up against fires. As long as any new pieces of furniture have been rated by an
independent testing organization (like ASTM), then there’s no reason not to go ahead and install them.

Requirements for Fire Rated
Steel Door Hardware

Any fire door must be self-closing, automatic closing, or power operated. There are two exceptions to this:

Fire doors must have a safety feature that helps them close automatically in an emergency. They can protect other parts from
smoke and flame damage by closing rapidly when needed most! A fire-rated closer or another device will suffice as long it does
its job properly, so don’t get caught without one again next time around.

Hydraulic Door Closer

The hydraulic fire door is an essential part of any
building. It provides safety and security for those
who use it and protects the people inside from
unwanted smoke or flame inhalation if there is ever
something burning on its other side! This
heavy-duty closer ensures that opening this door
will never be delicate work again with how quiet
they close afterward, thanks to their status rating.


Electronic Hold Open Mechanism

In most fire door locations, the International Building Code requires to hold opens that are used to be smoke activated. Automatic closing doors use an electric device called a magnetic Hold Open, which keeps them open using magnets; these work in conjunction with alarms wired into their design specifically for fires, so they will close automatically when triggered by heat or flames - this is great because you don't need any extra hardware on site.


Power Operated Door Openers

The power door opener is an electromechanical device
that mounts at the top of your home's exterior doors. In
recent years, due to ADA and touchless activation, the
health industry has been concerned about fires with
these openers becoming popular among homeowners-
especially those living in high-rise buildings But what alot
of people don't realize— which would make sense
considering how much technology has changed over. ...

The positive latch is a safety feature that ensures your fire door will stay closed in an emergency. Fires can happen anytime, so
it’s important to have this type of protection for every building you own or manage.

Hollow Metal Door Cylindrical Lock

The fire safety features on doors are more
advanced than in the past. You'll need a door
with these locks and devices to keep your home
safe! A spring-loaded bolt secures each lock or
exit device to remain closed if there is ever an
emergency inside.


Hollow Metal Door Electrical Strikes

The electric strike is a safety device that releases or
locks doors depending on the voltage applied. They
come in different models for use with either round
key, clamps style handles (like those found on
Padlocks), cylinder locks, and rim exit devices- so
you're covered no matter what type of entry system
your home has. ...


Hollow Metal Door Fire Exit Rated Device

Exit devices are used to prevent crowds from
entering buildings in emergencies. They provide an
easy way out for people who have been trapped
or trampled on by other victims, as it allows them
freedom and permits exit without injury. The
fire-rated exit device is designed specifically to
release the door if there's ever a problem with fires. ...


Hollow Metal Doors Flushbolts

Fire-rated door pairs are made up of active and
passive units. The pair requires positive latching
automatic flush bolts or fire exit hardware to
ensure they don't burn down during a fire. Still,
there is one exception for rooms that humans
don't normally occupy - storage areas with
manual flush bolts. ...


Hollow Metal Door Coordinators

Door coordinators are an important and necessary
device for fire-rated door pairs. They ensure that in the
event of a housefire, your most prized possessions
won't be lost because their automatic flush bolts will
close before you can get out with them.


Hollow Metal Door Astragals

The astragal is used to seal the gap between two
door panels. For fire rated doors, if they're overlapping,
then it's not mandatory but may be required by
manufacturer listings - however, there are some
situations where an extra piece of hardware might be
needed, such as with flat or overlapping designs; this
will depend on your local building code requirements
so make sure you ask first.


Hollow Metal Door Hinges

The hinges that attach a door to its frame ensure
it can safely swing open or closed. For hollow
metal doors, the standard type of hinge is a
square 4 1/2" x 4 1/2 "ball bearing hinging system
made from steel base material which is ideal for
bearings. The easiest way to determine the
number of hinges you'll need for your project is
by measuring both width and height. ...


Hollow Metal Door Pivots

Hollow metal doors are allowed to have pivots at
either the top or bottom of a door, depending on its
type. There must always be one intermediate pivot for
every 90 inches up to 60", but if there aren't any inner
supports like frames around them, they can use two
additional mid-pivot points with each 30".


Hollow Metal Door Weatherstripping
and Gasketing

To limit air infiltration, gasketing or weather-stripping
must be installed on doors that are fireproof and
have high-security levels. Metal doorways with
hollows can allow smoke and drafts into your home,
so you'll need the right kind for these types of
construction; they're called "hollow metal" because it's
designed just like an oven (with hot fumes inside)
when closing up tight! This will keep unwanted visitors
out while keeping things cozy inside - perfect since
we all want our homes to feel comfortable.


Hollow Metal Door Protection Plates

Protection plates are used to protect the door
from damage. Kick, mop, and armor protection
plates have different requirements, but they
must be installed at least 16" off of floor or ground
level to work properly with your fire engine's
height restrictions (NFPA 80). You can also install
them under factory labels if you prefer not to
have visible stickers on installation surfaces.


Hollow Metal Door Vision Lite

Vision Lites are a great way to provide visibility for your
employees when they enter and exit the building.
These glass windows can be installed on both
fire-rated doors or frames. Still, suppose you have
luxury furniture in heavy demand. In that case, this
might not work well with their specific needs, so
consider what type of protection is needed before
deciding to install them.


Hollow Metal Door Louver Kit

A louver is installed on the outside of fire-rated
doors to provide ventilation. If your metal door has
this type of protection and you're looking for more
information, please see our section dedicated
specifically to these types.